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With us you can come and fitness unlimited for € 15 per month. Still interested? Just come and walk in and our people will be happy to help you on your way!


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Welcome to Kratéma Gym!

Kratéma Gym is a certified Kickboxing and fitness center for adults and youth. Sports fun and learning are given priority here. With us you can kickboxing for beginners or competition level. We have experience from Thailand (muay thai) and have experience with various kickboxing competitions. Our gym focuses on developing athletes, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Respect is central to us, no one is surprised if the training sessions are tough, we understand that! Why? Because we all started at some point and know what it’s like to have to start exercising again. You quickly become addicted to kickboxing and believe me, once you cross the threshold… you want more! We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you.


From June 2023: We will start with a unique concept. Raising boxing, for kids and adults who want to gain more self-confidence and who find kickboxing too exciting, for example. In small groups we learn all the values associated with boxing and everything that comes with it.

Personal Training

Instead of training in a large group 1-on-1 with a personal trainer? At Kratéma we offer personal training through Kickboxing. An hour of individual attention with a personal trainer to improve your condition and to better master kickboxing techniques. Ask for the possibilities!

Competition Fighters

We have put together separate competition groups for youth and adults who want to take it a step further. With this, the coaches work to prepare both the youth and the adults for their competition. In these groups, a high level of discipline is expected in order to make a good impression during the competition!

Child Kickboxing

Our youth is the future! That is why our kickboxing lessons contribute to the development of your child. In addition to improving fitness, we also work to make children more self-confident. We have separate groups so that peers can be put together and with our experienced trainers the children are in good hands!


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09:00u - 12:00u
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  • Openingshours can be changed, check our schedule for actual times.

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